Our brain is constantly interpreting the environment around us to plan and guide our actions. This requires combining sensory inputs with internal models of the world.  We study how this process emerges from networks of neurons in the mouse neocortex. Using optical, electrophysiological and behavioral methods we investigate how different cortical areas learn and store knowledge about expected regularities of the world and how it is combined with sensory information to give rise to perception.


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Main Interests

How the brain builds a representation of the environment from sensory stimuli


Imaging, Electrophysiology and Behaviour

Models and Regions

Rodents / Visual Cortex

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Champalimaud Foundation Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown Avenida Brasília, 1400-038 Lisbon, Portugal T (+351) 210 480 200 leopoldo.petreanu(at)research.fchampalimaud.org